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Training for Careers In Motion

Nailing your upcoming on-camera engagement can catapult your career. But to take advantage of such an opportunity, you need to appear comfortable, confident, connective, and in control. Enter Emmy Award-winning sportscaster and media coach, Katy Temple.

With 20 plus years of success in one of the most high-pressure media fields, Katy provides hands-on media training to business executives and professional athletes. From workshops to corporate video training to one-on-one coaching, she is committed to helping you drive your career further, faster. You will build and refine expert communication skills, an authentic image, and a professional on-camera presence that sets you up for success on screen.

Be warned—results have a tendency to get noticed by all the right people.

Media Training That Makes You Camera-Ready

From live broadcasting to recorded interviews to online TV and corporate videos, Katy’s hands-on media coaching is tailored to your medium and schedule.

Will you see ROI? Absolutely.

Katy’s media training is entirely focused on generating direct and indirect paid media revenue almost immediately. Her results-driven methodology is customized to align with your professional and personal objectives. Using this unique training style, Katy will help you change your communication behavior and habits in a way that positively impacts both your business and personal success. You will be able to put these new skills into action right away.  

Take this into consideration...
In a survey of 100 executives, return on investment averaged 5.7 times the cost of coaching!

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Media Coaching Services

  • Executive Media Coaching & Media Consulting

  • Corporate Video Training

  • Video Production Services

  • Public Speaking & Presentations Skills

  • Private and Group Workshops  

  • Master of Ceremonies/Speaker Coaching



  • Find your voice and make it camera ready

  • Build confident on-camera habits

  • Experience expert on-camera training

  • Learn and discuss video media best practices

  • Instantly improve your messaging, presentation, and on-camera delivery

  • Understand how the media works on all levels

You’ll also learn to leverage your personal strengths and weaknesses to cultivate a professional  presence. Much like achieving excellence, coaching from Katy isn't ordinary and it isn't easy. Her training is designed to work great for those who work hard and demand excellence.


Because Katy customizes her training based on the goals and skills of her clients, no two workshops or private training sessions are the same. But, all media coaching covers these success-essentials:

  • Media and presentation fundamentals

  • Interview practice and preparation

  • Hands-on exercises and role playing

  • Video review and feedback, practice and simulations

  • Frequent review with constructive feedback

  • Methods to overcome on-camera fear and anxiety



Many of the skills and takeaways form Katy’s coaching are directly transferable to off-camera communication in daily life, in the office and at home.

  • Change your behavior and habits to become a skilled communicator

  • Develop expert interpersonal communication techniques

  • Arm yourself with speech and body-language skills

  • Communicate with clarity, confidence, control, and authenticity



As an executive media coach, Katy works with business and sports professionals to refine an authentic on-screen presence so they can nail every on-camera opportunity while taking their brand to the next level. She built a career in media of her own over the course of 20 plus years as an Emmy award winning sportscaster. The experience she picked up and the skills she learned and honed in the industry is the foundation of her professional media strategies. Her coaching is for professionals who don’t just want to improve their skills on camera, but who want to make an impact while doing so.
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