"In spite of my aggressive procrastinating, Katy kept me on track, kept me motivated and incrementally improved the quality of my presentation until it was a work of art. Katy's super power is delicate delivery of constructive criticism and simultaneous confidence building. Her sneaky skill is her sense of humor.  Katy's contributions to content yielded several belly laughs from the audience.  Painless preparation with a touch of humor....you can't beat the combo."

Amy Vernetti, Director, Leadership Recruiting - Moonshots and Bets, of Google Parent, Alphabet

"I played baseball for 15 years and when I had to make the transition to becoming a broadcaster, Katy was the perfect fit for me!  She has so much knowledge and experience, but more importantly, she has a wonderful ability to communicate in a way that allows you to absorb the information and get better.  I truly would've been lost in my transition without her!"

Tony Gwynn Jr., Fox Sports San Diego Broadcaster

"I have worked with Katy for a number of years - first when she was a field reporter and studio host for our regional network, and most recently as a media training expert. She was the perfect media trainer for our organization. Through her keen observations, Katy fits her media training to the personal style and needs of her clients. She understands that not all clients have the same comfort level when it comes to things such as public speaking, interview technique and confidence when working with the press. Her training technique is fine-tuned to match the needs of the people she trains and we look forward to utilizing her services again the future."

Brad Hainje, Sr. Directory, Media Relations, Atlanta Braves  

"Working with Katy has been invaluable during the process of preparing for TEDx San Diego. A recorded event in front of the 1800 people in the audience was a big new challenge for me. Katy has provided me with guidance and endless amounts of support leading up to, during and after the event. Among others, Katy has helped me with crafting my message, guidance on stage and camera presence and best practices for the ‘day of’. This has not only allowed me to successfully complete the TEDx San Diego performance but also has empowered me to dream bigger, speak bolder and work harder, while keeping a healthy and happy attitude. I definitely recommend working with Katy to anyone who is ready to take on the next step in their professional life.”

Paulina Lis, Executive Director San Diego Green Building Council, TEDx San Diego speaker

"Katy, we cannot thank you enough for your EXPERT coaching and encouragement. We got such a kick out of working with you, and now we’ll always be better presenters and performers because of you. We reflected on your guidance many times throughout the week (“be present!” “have fun!” “one story at a time!”).You were spot-on when you said we’d want to do this again!" 

Kate Kaiser, Vice President, Communication and Investor Relations, Universal Hospital Services www.uhs.com - In collaboration with www.themoxieinstitute.com

"When my marketing department advised me that a person's attention span is less than that of a goldfish and that the video market is the best branding tool, I was far from excited.I did not feel comfortable in front of a camera, but knew I would have to join the video market to stay relevant. Enter Katy Temple Media Coaching. As soon as I met Katy, I knew I needed her expertise, experience, and overall guidance. She held my hand through the entire process and made sure I stayed true to myself and came across as authentic while providing value to my clients in the ever-changing world of health insurance. As the quarterback to my project, whatever my video needed, Katy had an answer or a resource for. She did her best to understand my world as a health insurance broker and help me convey my message. She managed my expectations and produced four great videos that will get my brand noticed for a long time to come. Sure, you could make a video yourself. But to make a professional video that lets your clients know you are raising the bar and branding yourself as a professional in your field, I highly recommend relying on Katy Temple Media Coaching. You won't regret you did!"

Jeana Wallace, President, Regency West Insurance https://regencywestinsurance.com/

"Working with Katy has been an incredible experience. Not only does she know her craft but she makes you feel confident and comfortable with the recommendations she provides you. In just a few minutes with Katy's tips, I looked more relaxed, friendly and dynamic on camera. By working with a pro like Katy, you get immediate results. She observes your style and implements changes that fit you."

Joy Boese, President & Founder, E3 Consulting Corporation https://www.ergonomicconsultants.com

"Katy is a phenomenal communicator, experienced professional, and a spark of positive energy. As a speaker, she brings a clear message that is both relevant and meaningful. As a coach, I see her shifting paradigms for individuals who want to take their speaking ability to the next level. I would highly recommend working with Katy because of her dynamic optimism and world-class experience. She is a bonafide professional and the real deal!"

Danny Kim, Organizational Consultant, Keynote Speaker

"I was fortunate enough to meet with Katy Temple to prepare for a Dale Carnegie Workshop where I had to present in front of 30+ strangers. My meeting with Katy was one of the most fascinating and productive meetings of my career. Her advice resonates with me daily and is valuable far beyond presentations and on camera appearances. I apply Katy’s advice every day, in the office and in my personal life. I have become a more effective communicator and a stronger leader as a direct result of working with Katy. I am truly empowered and grateful."

Lauren Thayer, Director of Marketing

"Katy is a wealth of valuable insight. Her media coaching is impactful not just for live TV appearances, but for a multitude of situations such as corporate videos, speaking in front of an audience, and presenting yourself in a way that aligns with your brand. I am often asked to present at conferences and to groups, and Katy walked me through a video recording of one of my speaking engagements to help me refine both what I say and how I say it. Katy stands out from other media coaches through her holistic and well-rounded approach. She is an expert not only at visual cues such as body language, eye contact, and appearance but also at verbal cues like intonation and messaging. Katy's actionable advice made an immediate difference!"

Michelle Stansbury, Founder littlepenguinpublicrelations.com

"I chose Katy Temple to train my Board of Directors because we are in the media often and needed training from a professional that knows how to "wow" an audience.  Katy's fast-paced seminar showered us with good advice and dozens of useful tips and tactics and strategies. Even people with media experience can expect to get a few golden nuggets that they can put to work right away." 

Charles Langley, Executive Director
Public Watchdogs

"Absolutely loved the "Look good on YouTube and TV" workshop offered by Katy Temple Media Coaching. The workshop provided the background information, tools, tips and tactics to polish your on-air presence. I highly recommend this information packed workshop to anyone looking to enhance their on-camera skills."

Sharon Mallia Weiss, Principal
Weissworks LLC.

"I had the pleasure of attending one of Katy's media workshops, 'How to Look Good on YouTube and TV'. It was a fun-filled packed morning with tips, techniques, and hands-onpractice. It was an incredible experience learning about presenting yourself in a good light in front of the camera."

Sandra Daniels