media coaching SERVICES

Interview Coaching for Media Engagements

Be confident, prepared, and on-point in media interviews. Your presence and message can set you apart. Katy will arm you with the ins and outs of the media and how it works, preparing you for not only your part of the interview but what to expect from the media. Her interactive approach improves your messaging, confidence, and verbal and non-verbal delivery. 

Katy also works with clients to nail big job interviews. It’s important to be clear and confident in what you say, how you say it, and your overall approach. Katy’s interactive job-interview process includes an improvement in confidence and delivery. You’ll get live video feedback, hands-on practice and instruction, and job interview simulations. Want to get the job? Get Katy.

Corporate Videos and
Video Production Services

It is proven that video commands more customer attention than any other medium. Video improves Search Engine Optimization, increases retention rates, and is the most powerful way to stir up emotional responses. If you’re not creating videos to get your message/product out there, now is the time. We will take you through the entire process to create your business marketing, internal corporate, or website video. We will help you construct and hone a clear, strong, effective, camera ready message and provide techniques on how to deliver that message authentically. And we will coach you through the process live!  Our video production services also offer A La Carte Services (see below).


Executive Media Coaching & Consulting

When you need to nail your on-camera messaging and delivery, know that you’re covered. Katy has created a program that combines her expertise, experience and passion to help you excel faster. This is an interactive process that includes a walk-through of media fundamentals and improvement of on-camera messaging, confidence, and delivery, through video review, practice, and simulated situations. Katy combines fundamentals with a customized approach in order to best serve the client’s needs and goals.

Executive Coaching Public Speaking & Presentations Skills

Become the best version of yourself by honing your communications skills. Whether it’s public speaking, giving a presentation, or nailing an interview, your overall image, body language, messaging, intonation, and confidence can hold you back—or set you apart. Katy’s interactive process includes an improvement of messaging, confidence, and delivery. You’ll get live video feedback, hands-on practice and instruction, and simulated situations. We will get you ready! 


If you have a big team all with the same goal of improving your communications skills, we will customize a group media training workshop for you. Each of our workshops has the same foundation of fundamentals from Katy’s program, bolstered by a customized game plan to fit your team’s objectives and goals. Media training, presentation skills, general communications skills, creating videos, and women’s empowerment workshops are all part of our curriculum.

A La Carte Services

Hair & Make-up Artist

Why is this important? Because just like your message and delivery, your appearance needs to be camera ready. We offer industry professionals who are experts in making the camera love you. Want to get noticed? You need that “next level” look. There are tricks of the trade to appear your best and brightest in front of those intense lights and imposing cameras.

Personal Shopper

Your on-camera appearance needs to serve and not detract or distract from your message. If you’re not sure of your colors or what to wear for the camera, we  will bring in an industry expert who will make that process a breeze!


We offer industry professionals who can help you tell you or your company's story. Our producer will use his/her experience and expertise to help do that. Our producer will also coordinate details and be on-site for the shoot and run the post production process.

Professional Headshots  

Headshots are an iconic marketing tool for anyone in the media industry or professionals looking to market themselves. Take advantage of the fact that you’re already dressed for success by getting a professional headshot.  

Social Media Management

We offer industry professionals who will edit and upload your videos, post for you regularly, and manage the posts/videos on your website. As an added bonus, through SEO, we will optimize each story for you or your company's selected keywords and tags.

Studio Space

This is great for the clients who are looking to do corporate videos or young broadcasters who want to mimic the feel of working in a studio.

Teleprompter Training

The teleprompter is one of the primary tools used by media professionals. The goal is to read from the teleprompter, without looking like you’re reading from a teleprompter. This takes practice.  We will help develop and improve your teleprompter skills.


We provide the option to add a professional videographer to any workshop or media coaching packages.  Even if it’s just for practice, having a professional videographer present gives a more authentic “feel” of what it is like to work with the media. You will get the feel of the lights, camera, and somebody shooting you while we work and review the video played back together.

Video Editing

We offer industry professionals who will help tell your story through editing and make it sing!

Resume Reel

Does your resume reel separate you from the hundreds of other candidates trying to take the job you want? Stand Out!

Master of Ceremonies/Speaker

Katy is a speaker, spokesperson, and emcee. Please contact for any inquiries.